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Treatments and Prices

REIKI - £35 (1 hour) or £25 (30 minutes) including consultation
A deeply relaxing, calming and balancing treatment using the powerful system of hands-on natural healing which calms the mind and body and helps relieve pain, accelerating the body’s own natural ability to heal itself and restore health on an emotional and physical level.

Massage is an ancient healing art where hands are used to manipulate the soft tissues of the body and muscles for therapeutic purposes. Massage can be used for relaxation, stimulation or rehabilitation of the whole body or part of it.
Touch is one of the earliest senses we develop, one of the most vital and most natural means of relieving pain and discomfort. It can re-energise the body restoring vitality and promotes a degree of self-healing. Massage relaxes tired muscles, reduces pain and fatigue, helps digestion, alleviates joint problems and helps lower the blood pressure.

CRYSTAL HEALING - £35 (1 hour) or £25 (30 minutes) including consultation
A deeply relaxing and calming treatment using the natural power of crystals to activate and support the natural self healing process and restore health emotionally and physically.

INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE - £25 (30 minutes)
A wonderfully relaxing and stimulating treatment based on the Ayurvedic system of healing. Includes massage to the upper back, shoulders, arms, neck, scalp and face.

SEATED CHAIR MASSAGE - £25 (30 minutes)
A meridian based therapy which stimulates the circulatory, muscular, nervous, immune and lymphatic systems whilst promoting the release of endorphins leaving you feeling relaxed and energised. The treatment areas include, head, neck, back, arms and hands.

Please allow an extra 15 minutes for your first treatment to discuss your consultation and treatment plan. There is no additional charge for this.

Companies now recognise the importance of happy healthy staff and many are now choosing to take some responsibility for the wellbeing of their people. Some organisations choose to do this by offering ad-hoc wellbeing treatments and in some cases funding regular provision of on-site massage, reiki and indian head massage.

Wellbeing events can be staff or corporate funded or a combination of both. If you would like to know more about how I can help in this regard, please contact me for more information.

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